About the project

Name: MPA4Change – ‘’Enhancing Marine Protected Areas as Nature Based Solutions for adaptation to climate change: from local actions to Mediterranean basin strategy.''

Duration of the project: 27 months, 2024-01-01 – 2026-04-31


Interreg Euro-MED Programme, 2021 - 2027

Total eligible project budget: 999,436.00 EUR.

Project Partners:

Total number of partners: 9

Name of the Lead Partner organization: CSIC - Institute of Marine Sciences (Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas)

Countries: Spain, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Germany, Cyprus, Portugal, Montenegro


These are the organisations that conform MPA4Change:

  • Spanish Research Council (CSIC), Spain;

  • Consortium of management of Portofino Marine Protected Area, Italy;

  • Public Institution Brijuni National Park, Croatia;

  • University of Vigo, Spain;

  • DAN Europe Foundation, Malta;

  • National Research Council (CNR), Italy;

  • EUROPARC Federation, Spain;

  • University of Algarve, Portugal;

  • AP Marine Environmental Consultancy Ltd, Cyprus.

MPA4Change's primary goals are to 

  • Highlight the importance of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and marine restoration as Nature-Based Solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation. 

  • To enhance the Mediterranean's ability to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change, MPA4Change employs a multi-level approach, encompassing both local MPA actions and broader Mediterranean strategies, to ensure long-term sustainability and capacity.


  • Enhance the role of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and restoration as nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation.

  • Develop an action plan for Mediterranean MPAs to ensure their long-term sustainability and capacity.

  • Transfer ready-to-use toolkits and create a roster of experts to support their effective implementation.

  • Advocate for the integration of MPA4Change principles into effective public policies at Mediterranean and EU levels.

  • Collaborate with key EU and regional actors to position MPAs at the forefront of climate change adaptation.

  • Engage at least 100 Mediterranean MPAs to adopt climate change adaptation plans by 2030 through the 100MPAx30 Challenge.

Activities and work packages:


  1. Fine-tuning of solutions for Climate Change and Restoration

  2. Training and knowledge-transfer programme

  3. Transferring and Mentoring

  4. Data sharing via global platforms


2.1 Synergies and capitalization

2.2. Policy advocacy

2.3 Mediterranean North-South and South liaising and cooperation

2.4 Communication and outreach


3.1 MP4Change Roster: selection of members

3.2 MP4Change Roster: governance and financial model

3.3 Euro-Med Academy and Community activities

3.4 Carbon Footprint Assessment and Offsetting

Main expected results:

Building on previous projects and in line with the EU Biodiversity Strategy objectives, this initiative will result in the development of an action plan for Mediterranean MPAs in view to ensure its long-term sustainability and capacity.

The creation of this Action Plan for MPAs in order to ensure its long-term sustainability and resilience to climate change will be done by covering different areas of work. On the one hand, by building the capacity of MPA to adapt to climate change. On the other hand, by supporting the policy dialogue at Mediterranean and European level. And finally, by supporting the implementation of the action plan through the creation of a group of experts that will guide in this process beyond the project duration.

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